Piqa® Boo service directory

Piqa brand fruits are conventional hybrids of European, Japanese and Chinese pears. They have interesting and novel flavours, some of which have not been found in pears before including, tropical fruit, tropical pear, melon, coconut and plum as well as recognizable European pear flavours.

Acid levels are generally low or are balanced with high sweetness. These attributes are often maintained over a long cold air storage and shelf life, for some up to six months followed by three weeks’ shelf life respectively. Piqa® brand fruits also combine attractive colours and shapes with high eating quality; fruit appearance is critical in the modern marketplace so new cultivars need to be both attractive and distinctive in order to compete successfully with traditional cultivars. Piqa® brand fruits are ‘ready to eat’ at harvest.


Licenced Companies

  • Piqa®Boo® (PremP009)
    • Golden Bay Fruit (New Zealand)
    • Yummy Fruit Company (New Zealand)
    • Pickmee Fruit Company (New Zealand)
    • Fernridge Fresh (New Zealand)
    • Integrow Marketing (New Zealand)
    • Freshmax (New Zealand & Australia)
    • Worldwide Fruit (UK)