Our Portfolio

While the rest of the world was super-sizing their apples, PremA96 was the opposite. This cultivar is the world’s one-of-a-kind, perfectly-sized, naturally small apple packed with concentrated flavour and goodness. It’s exclusive licensee, Rockit Global created unique, premium packaging to disrupt the category and stand out on shelf, positioning Rockit™ apple as a snack food. Now a global success, Rockit™ apples are sold in more than 30 countries – and grown in eight – so they’re fresh all year around.


PiqaBoo® is a unique pear that has a vibrant red skin colour and is crisp yet juicy. It was created as a conventional hybrid of European, Japanese, and Chinese pears. The PiqaBoo® pear encapsulates tropical flavours like coconut and pineapple whilst having an exceptional shelf life.

Dazzle™ is the sweet, crisp ready-to-eat apple that’s amazingly delicious. Bright red with vibrant, glossy skin, Dazzle™ apples are packed full of juicy flavour with deliciously sweet, bright white flesh and a watermelon like crunch. Born in the natural, sun-kissed orchards of New Zealand, Dazzle is the perfect companion to an adventure.  Seen as the biggest development since the launch of Royal Gala, decades ago, Dazzle™ apples have been taking the world by storm and the group is excited to see Dazzle™ apples take their rightful place on the world stage. Rich in Vitamin C and high in fibre to support a healthy immune system, Dazzle™ apples are a deliciously pure addition to any balanced diet. Best of all, Dazzle™ apples stay fresher for longer, so your Dazzle™ apples will keep their fresh-picked perfection long after you’re ready to eat them.

Sassy™ is unapologetically unique with its brilliant red skin, snappy crunch, and sweet taste. This balanced sweet taste and hard crunch garners wide appeal, and its attitude is unforgettable. With an early harvest window and excellent shelf life, Sassy™ is a great export apple.

Crossing a Gala and Braeburn apple brought this special apple to life. The Lemonade™ apple is a unique apple in both its looks and its flavour. This yellow apple has a refreshingly bright sweet-tart, full flavour which is crispy and juicy.

Cherish™ is a striking pink coloured apple with a refreshing tropical flavour. This apple was originally known as PremA34 which was developed by crossing Pacific Rose and Pinkie apples. Cherish™ apples are juicy and crispy with both great looks and flavour!

Once bitten, forever Smitten®. The Smitten apple was traditionally bred from Gala, Braeburn, Falstaff and Fiesta apples. This apple has a yellow base with a pink/red blush overtop giving it the ‘wild apple’ look. It is differentiated through its amazingly firm texture, early harvest, and excellent storage life.

Meet Posh™, New Zealand’s glass of bubbly in apple form. Elegant, crisp and honey-kissed, this apple is a red and refreshing beauty with excellent shape and sweet-melon scent. Light and tender in texture, like its parent Honeycrisp, the delicate texture of Posh™ makes for a premium eating experience. Posh™ is consistently high in colour, medium-firm and decidedly crisp, sweet and refreshing to taste.
Joli™ is a productive, large, full-flavoured, bright red explosively crisp and juicy apple, which appeals to both consumers and growers across the globe. Joli™ is licenced exclusively through T&G Global.